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Welcome to the
Here & Now.

Body, mind and soul come together in a moment of silence.

I am flooded with love and harmony.

Schön, dass du hier bist!

Mein Name ist Sandra, deine spirituelle Begleiterin auf deinem Seelenweg.


Du sehnst dich nach Gelassenheit, emotionaler Klarheit und persönlichen Wachstum? Ich unterstütze dich auf deinem Weg zu achtsamen Wohlbefinden und öffne gemeinsam mit dir den Zugang zu deinen Emotionen.


Wir kreieren einen Rückzugsort zu dir selbst, deinen Gefühlen und zur Entspannung.

Balance in Körper & Seele

Creating conscious access to feelings

Increase body awareness

Botschaften deines Körpers verstehen lernen

Ruhe & Entspannung

Integrate serenity into your everyday life

Persönliches Wachstum

Get to know the influence of the energy centers in the body on your areas of life

Begin your journey to inner well-being

Your body reflects your consciousness. An deinem Rückzugsort geht es um dich und deine Bedürfnisse. Nimm dir bewusst Zeit für dich selbst.

This is how I support you on your soul path

What my clients say

Ann-Kathrin K. Practice Manager

With you I arrive and feel immediately comfortable and have a good feeling. The Reikis with you are incredibly good! I could relax from the beginning, shut down and above all switch off - let myself fall. In our coaching, you help me through your sensitive, thoughtful way to find the solution to my problems and accompany me. I am curious where my path will lead me further. Thank you so much for what you have achieved!

Katarina T. Strategic Partner & Engagement Manager

After we already had several Reiki together, I wanted to thank you. In our sessions I always feel in very good hands and can fully let go. Through you I have really found the access to spirituality and can now get involved 100%. After a short time I have already noticed how you can help me through your energy work to connect more with myself and to become more aware of who I am and what I (and my body) need. Through Reiki's and also through coaching I feel more comfortable in my own skin again and I am incredibly grateful to you for that! I would not want to miss working with you anymore!

Manuela O. Banker

During your Reiki session I was able to completely relax and let go. I was very surprised that I could actually feel the energy. It was a very pleasant feeling. You made me feel totally at ease. What excited me the most was how much you figured out without knowing my personal context. That was overwhelming for me. After the Reiki I felt completely balanced again and full of new energy. I can only recommend!

Louisa S. Marketing

Liebe Sandra, während unserer Session bin ich in eine Entspannung gefallen, die so intensiv war, dass ich am Liebsten noch in dem Zustand geblieben wäre. Ich fühlte mich so frei, unbeschwert und leicht wie eine Feder, als ob ich auf einer Wolke schweben würde. Ich habe mich die letzten Wochen innerlich total unzufrieden gefühlt … !Aber durch den Energieschwung aus deinen Reiki Sessions ist mein Glücksgefühl wieder da. Ich konnte festgefahrene Denkweisen endlich loslassen. Nach den Sessions fühle ich mich wieder komplett mit meinem Körper verbunden. Mein Bewusstsein ist voll auf das Sein ausgerichtet. Ich möchte deine positive Energie nicht mehr missen!

Leonie M. Educator

Hello dear Sandra, thank you very much for our coaching sessions together. Before I came to you, I was struggling with panic attacks, heart palpitations and inner turmoil. The symptoms always came out of nowhere and no one could help me until now. After our very first conversation, I burst into tears afterwards. It was incredible how you guided me to the cause. It triggered such beautiful feelings in me! I felt liberated afterwards. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Chiara P. Vehicle interior decorator/saddler

Liebe Sandra, ich wollte mich nochmals für das Reiki bedanken! Es war so eine tolle Erfahrung! Ich kam bei dir an und ich habe mich im selben Moment sofort wohl gefühlt. Durch deine sympathische und freundliche Art. In deinen Augen konnte man sehen wie sehr du dafür brennst. Bei dir konnte man frei sein. Bei der Sitzung konnte ich mich sofort fallen lassen und abschalten. Ich habe sofort gemerkt wie ich Negatives los lassen konnte. Das Resultat deiner Energiearbeit konnte ich sofort annehmen und reflektieren und mir ist einiges bewusst geworden. Die Lösungen meiner Beschwerden von dir konnte ich sofort umsetzen. Das wunderschöne Protokoll, welches man noch mit bekommt, hilft einem ungemein. Ich bin gespannt wohin mich mein spiritueller Weg noch führt! Vielen Dank.

Anna S.

I have already had two Reiki sessions with Sandra for different ailments each time. I felt very comfortable from the beginning. Sandra creates a very pleasant atmosphere even in distance learning. My complaints from the first session were gone immediately afterwards! Together we got to the cause very quickly. Sandra was able to sense things that no one knew, that even I had not thought of. I would never have thought that my complaints were related to this. Therefore I am very grateful and happy to have chosen Reiki. Sandra herself I find to be a very pleasant sympathetic person. In my eyes she works very professionally, friendly and extremely competent. I will definitely come back to her whenever there is a need and can recommend her to everyone without reservation!

Give the gift of peace and relaxation

Would you like to do something good for your loved ones? Then give them a time out for body & soul. With Reiki formally "the batteries of the body" are recharged, stress is relieved and you come to relax.


Feel free to send me a message and after receipt of money you will receive the voucher as a PDF file.


Der Gutschein hat den Wert über 1 Reiki Einzelstunde (75 EUR)

Sandra Hohn
Reiki & Meditation


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