To release energetic tensions in a sustainable way, it takes more than just a single session. We restore your natural energy flow while balancing your body and mind. Reiki helps you connect with yourself, your body and your emotions.


Reiki is an ancient relaxation method that can be used on yourself and others. Translated, Reiki means universal life energy. Through the laying on of hands, the natural life energy can be transferred strengthened - listening with your hands.


An energetic balance affects your body, your emotions and your mental health. The effect of Reiki is particularly relaxing & pain relieving. In addition, emotional blockages can be released, releasing energetic tensions.


I use Reiki as a correspondence course. So it doesn't matter where you are from, we can connect anytime. You don't have to do anything but book the appointment and make yourself comfortable at the chosen time. More info about the process will follow after booking.


Sessions can also be offered on-site upon request if close by.

Reiki can be used as a complement to conventional medicine, but does not replace a visit to a doctor or therapist.

Fernreiki | 85 €

30-45 Minuten via Zoom

Wir verbinden deinen Körper mit deiner Seele.

Reiki Coaching | 199 €

75 Minuten Online

Das Reiki Coaching wird von Edelsteinen und Tarotkarten begleitet.


4er Fernreiki 299 €

10er Fernreiki 699 €

To release energetic tension in a lasting way, it takes more than just a single session. Reiki helps you to connect with yourself, your body and your emotions.

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